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Excellent example of USA Quality
- 01/22/2021
High quality, reliable, simple design, lots of light in a compact design
Solid build, good brightness level
- 06/11/2019
I like the design and sturdiness of the light. I knock one star off because the light goes on when fully tightened, and turns off when the lens is loosened. I prefer lights that are off when fully tight, and turn on after a half turn or more, as that means they are obviously sealed when off. With tighten-to-turn-on, it is possible to mistakenly over-loosen the lens in storage, and have the threads leak or lens fall off. I don't think this light would suffer from that, as it is well sealed, but it is a personal preference (and a feature I find on higher-end flashlights).
Sweet light to have along anywhere.
- 01/20/2018
Love this light.Well made and easy to use.I pack it whenever I travel.
Great light for a host of applications
- 10/22/2017
Overall the Splash-Lite is a great little light, albeit for a somewhat limited range of uses.It's durable, very light weight and waterproof.In fact it's dive rated if that's important to you.To me that just increases my confidence that it will tolerate submersion as I don't dive.The killer app for this light would probably be as a survival light, a light to leave in the car for emergencies or a luggage light.It's powered by a single CR123a battery which has a very long shelf life and is virtually immune to extremes of temperature.If you leave it in your glove box all winter you can still be confident it will work years later, even if the temps are far below zero.It has a few downsides, though.First, by modern standards it's not very bright.At 3v this battery with newer LED emitters can crank out several hundred lumens vs the 40 lumens of the Splash-Lite. To be fair they seem to have traded max output for longer runtimes (Tekna claims ten hours on a battery).This is probably a wise tradeoff given the intended uses of the light.Also the light is biased towards the very cool end of the spectrum.This makes sense given the fact that LEDs have more power in that color range vs the warmer ones that I prefer.And of course some people prefer cooler LEDs to begin with.I suppose my only real complaint about the Splash-Lite is the size.While it's fairly compact it's an awful lot larger than it seems like it should be given the small size of the battery.Some AAA lights from Fenix and Olight are barely larger than the battery itself so it's somewhat annoying that this one is so "huge" relative to the CR123a that powers it.Still this is a minor quibble.I have dozens of vastly more powerful (and expensive) lights for EDC, hiking, etc. I really just bought this to tuck away in the survival/emergency pack I keep for camping and hiking.It's small and light, and I'm confident I can leave it there for years without having to worry if it will still work.For a limited range of applications I would say this is an excellent light.EDIT:After using this light a bit more I'm revising my rating up to five stars.I may have misread the rating; it seems to be brighter than I had initially thought.The color/tint really isn't bad at all, towards the cooler side but not overly blue.While it could be smaller I'm really impressed by how lightweight it is and I find myself using more than I thought I would.I expect I'll probably pick up a couple more to stash in my camping and hiking gear.
Five Stars
- 12/29/2015
Exact replacement for the one I had. Perfect
great item
- 07/27/2015
Best flashlight I've ever owned.Got 3 more for family members.
Great light
- 03/23/2013
Very simple and compact . Can be carried in pockettwist on and off. I have many fl"s , this is my favorite
Excellent 40 lumen, long shelf life light!!
- 12/15/2012
This is a modern upgraded version of my old "TEKNA" lithium incandescent flashlights.I used those lights as "luggage lights"i.e., lights you leave in your luggage just in case you need them...but in reality, hardly ever get used. They were not very bright, but had an amazing shelf life.The original Tekna is no longer made...but mine still power up...due to the original Tekna lithium cell...and they are well over 20 years old.Now we have the new model light (T1L-1200), vastly improved in every way.It is much brighter....has the same twist switch, is thinner, lighter...and uses a 123 lithium cell.Fantastic!!!Perhaps not the greatest thing since sliced bread....but pretty darn close!!!It fits my needs.I recommend it.

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