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Better Than Ever!
- 03/06/2022
The "new" version of the Extra Edge by Tekna is even better than the original. I’ve owned several of the 80’s versions over the years yet as they aged the blade could slip lose from the sheath. I kept those old ones in a drawer since I was concerned about losing the blades. Now Tekna has redesigned the Extra Edge with new material and a stiffer connection of the blade to the sheath. I plan to order several more to keep and give away as gifts to friends and family. They are incredibly practical and can hang on a keychain nicely or a lanyard. I also like that they make a screwdriver tip and there are so many more colors available too.
Matt M.
Bought in early 1980's
- 10/17/2021
Bought mine 1982-83 I think. I love it dearly and the best description I have for it is "indestructible".
Owned since 1980s
- 03/01/2021
I have owned this wonderful keychain knife since the mid 1980s. I have used it on my keyring since high school and pretty much carried it every day since I got it. I highly recommend this knife.
- 01/12/2021
- 11/24/2020
Awesome small knife, it required some sharpening, but it is overall very compact and handy.
Disappointed! Made in USA ???? and this happens?
- 11/05/2020
I open the package and realize it?s made in USA and I feel pride and marvel how it can be $15 and I go to pull the sheath off and the blade comes right out of the handle with it. Disappointed. I can probably smear some JB Weld in the slit where the blade goes and fix it. Otherwise, the quality of the metal and the sheath and handle are nice. I saw this on wealljuggleknives channel and he said his needed a slight reprofile, but mine seems decent. Except the blade falling out thing. I could return it, but I think I will fix it myself.
Good product
- 08/22/2020
Very easy to use, sharp. It replaced an earlier version I'd had for over 15 years. Old one still works kept both.
Nice little keychain knife
- 07/17/2020
This is a sharp functional keychain knife, no fear of it coming out of the sheath in your pocket it seems to be secured well in the sheath.
Great little knife
- 12/25/2019
I am using this knife to cut gold leaf sheets out of the book. Recommend running the blade over a piece of glass a few times before first use. This helps takes the sharp edge down just a hair making it better for this purpose. This was taught to me by my art instructor ;) Make sure you keep the cap handy for storage.
Got to me quick
- 12/06/2019
It was great

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